Live from Google Hangout!

In this Marketing Over Coffee:

Learn all about Blogworld, WWDC, and Press Releases vs. Bigfoot!

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Show length 22:29

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00:25 Blogworld Wrap-up, state of podcasting

03:58 Google Marketing Dashboard

07:50 Ford Ad buys: Guts vs. Big Data

10:24 Augmented reality without the codes

10:58 Apple WWDC – Siri, Facebook, New Maps, Death of the DVD drive

15:30 Twitter/Facebook Integration

16:50 Neville asks “Are we truly just digital?” – This week: News Releases vs. Penguin. Next Week: guerilla marketing

20:46 Road Wrap up:Marketing Profs B2B

21:40 Question of the Week: What are you doing in Guerilla Marketing? Are you still doing Press Releases?

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4 thoughts on “Live from Google Hangout!”

  1. Hey guys, what was the thing that Chris was talking about on the show – something about SEO Target and it dumps data into a Google Docs spreadsheet or something? I didn’t quite follow exactly what it was but sounded interesting so I wanted to check it out.

  2. Hi Chris and John,

    Great podcast as always!

    Re: Nearly 3 in 10 Americans having listened to an audio podcast, here’s the link to Edison Research: (see slide #5).

    Also, 1 in 6 (17%) Americans have consumed an audio or video podcast in the last *month* (yea! – see slide #7).

    Obviously can’t disagree with your conclusion that there’s now competition between podcasts for people’s time…and that podcasts need to advertise and/or promote their podcasts via social media.

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