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Learn about Amazon Reinvent, the State of Web Design and 2017 Trends!

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Amazon AWS and Reinvent: AI, Snowplow, Recognition, Polytext to Speech, and Lex rolled out

IBM vs. Google. vs. Amazon

Black Friday eCommerce

Seven upcoming trends for 2017:

  1. Screenless search marketing (nobody listens to number 2)
  2. AI Eats the Marketing
  3. Facebook is king – Facebook Bot Analytics
  4. Rise of the Velvet Rope Community
  5. The Saturation Point
  6. Old SEO finally is Dead – Now you can backsolve with AI
  7. Account Based Marketing for B2C

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Trends in Web Design for 2017

Machine Intelligence Vendor Chart

Zapier Digests

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2 thoughts on “Robot Store”

  1. I think honestly that ai is not something that the average business will be able to use, until someone brings it down, and explains how, the average marketer can use it. I guess what I’m saying, is there is a differenence between big data, and marketing.

    1. I agree, it will have to be baked into tools and the good vendors are already clear on saying “It has to be tailored to your business, there is no ‘one size fits all’ predictive modeling” The other thing for me is that I think everyone is layering AI on top of existing things, I think the big stuff will be brand new things that nobody ever considered. Kind of like how there used to be yellow pages for websites before somebody finally figured out that there should be search engines.

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