Our Master Session is not a conference where you’re going to have an hour or two of learning and two days of shuffling around to keynotes and an feeling like bait on an exhibitor floor. When you leave your 2017 plan will be tied to your web analytics allowing you to benchmark and budget your programs. You’ll have 3 marketing programs selected to test after reviewing 19 categories of demand generation activities. Your strategic plan will be complete and in sync with your customer’s journey by up to 37 activities in 7 categories.

The Marketing Over Coffee Master Planning Session is a small private working session where you can discuss what’s working and get honest feedback on your progress – this is the one for CMOs and key team members.

It’s limited to 10 attendees in non-competing industries. A non-disclosure agreement is required so everyone can put their cards on the table and get personal, in-depth attention to your problems and solutions. To learn more or apply just fill out the form below: