Social Technographics

Just a quick text post to see if iTunes handles some feed changes directly. Since you stopped by, you might be interested in this article about Social Technographics. I found it interesting that things may not be as grave as the commonly referred to 90-9-1 rule.

Telemarketing – not a dirty word

Mr. Penn is in D.C. on Business so it’s a one man show for this week only

Is it sales or marketing? Who’s going to get the leads?
Are you doing research or qualifying leads?
It’s all about the script.
Set them up with the right equipment – headsets.
These tend to be competitive people.

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Handling a Crisis, and About Webinars

In this Week’s Marketing Over Coffe: Podcamp NYC wrapup, Dealing with an industry-wide PR Crisis, Podcamp as Email, Using Webinars

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Direct Mail and Premium Mailings, Giving out CDs at Trade Shows. for making CDs – 4color and jewel case for $1.60ea.

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