Most Popular Episodes

Here are some of the most downloaded episodes from the catalog. With over 15 years of content we are limited to only the last 100 episodes in the feed so this is the only way to get to some of these interviews:

Simon Sinek: Start With Why

“Before Simon reached TED and fame he was at a major advertising agency and noticed that even a world class team could have incredible results, or do a terrible job. His investigation into why this can happen led to this book. This is required listening for any marketer” – John

If you enjoy it, the next interview on leadership is even more profound.

Seth Godin

“I will consider this a success if I get to interview Seth Godin.” – John

So John pulled a stunt that caught his attention and set up an interview with him in 2010 and has been able to talk with him about each of his books since then. While the weekly shows with co-host Christopher Penn are always tactical, once an a while it’s good to think about the big picture. He’s been a guest many times, more from him here.

Traction by Gabriel Weinberg

“The B2B Bible that you must own sadly it’s more comprehensive (though perhaps not as much fun) as my book, B2B Marketing Confessions. We also followed up with Gabriel a year later.

Debbie Millman

She’s the greatest branding expert on earth. The link above is our first discussion with her in 2017, we caught up with her again in 2022 when she released her book on more than a decade of interviewing experts on design.

David Meerman Scott

David’s New Rules of Marketing and PR was so far ahead of it’s time and so dead on, it is “a unicorn of a book.” He saw the convergence of user generated content, self-publishing crushing the old models of newspapers and magazines, and the social network boom. He is a frequent guest on the show but this interview is about his latest book that moves the lens from Marketing and PR over to Sales.

Ann Handley

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs, is one of the most respected leaders in the industry. Her take on the industry and her latest book Everybody Writes.

Tom Webster

“The most absurd part of Tom being the most interesting man on earth is that he even sort of looks like the guy in the commercials. He knows music, marketing, economics and audio gear. Listen to learn more.” – John

Erin Clift – CMO Waze

Talking travel, user psychology, and being CMO on a Google prodect, her interview has been one of the most popular ever!

Mike Volpe

Learn about going from employee #5 to IPO, Mike was CMO of Hubspot and pulls back the curtain to talk outbound marketing.

Ted Shilowitz – The Future of Movies

Learn how the movie industry is going to stay ahead of the home theater by throwing incredible technology into the theater experience.