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A special conversation with Simon Sinek. We talk about his book: Start with Why

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Show length 27:13

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00:30 The book is more about leadership than business

02:19 Having PR lead with a YouTube Video

03:18 Using the “Why” to drive your copywriting home

04:38 How it works for Apple vs. Dell

06:58 The Golden Circle

08:40 Why people go with their gut

10:00 Return to “Manipulating Your Perceptions” – Manipulation vs. Inspiration

12:05 Why most innovation is really just manipulation

13:28 The Discipline of How, Consistency of What, and why you can’t get more authentic

15:15 The Celery Test – Choosing the tactics that will allow you to scale

18:12 The danger of The Split

20:20 Long Before Crossing the Chasm – Everett Rodgers’ Diffusion of Innovation

23:10 Ben’s story and why you shouldn’t waste time watching the competition, use this link to get your own copy of Start with Why.

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