In this Marketing Over Coffee:
A Special Interview with Geoffrey Moore, author of Zone to Win and Crossing the Chasm

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Starting at Crossing the Chasm – Over 1 Million Copies, 27 years!

Early days with Regis McKenna

Finding use cases that let you cross the chasm

Inside the Tornado – the chasm in reverse

Zone Management – Crossing the Chasm for Grown Ups

Incubation – You’re not just funding R&D, you’re funding entire companies

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4 Zones – Performance, Productivity, Incubation, Transformation

Most Noteworthy: Never disrupt yourself

Zone Defense as the common play against upstarts

Why keeping customers is like keeping a spouse

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The 4 Horizons

Making a big acquisition during the transition

Every Zone has a different culture

Keying Executive Comp to the Transformation Zone

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