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About Selling Snake Oil to Laggards, Google Webmaster Tools, and the Trade Show Floor! All this and more…

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00:47 Marketing to the Laggards, Affiliate Marketing

08:04 Trent asks: Is there a good white label (free) social network. Check out or Ning

09:21 Cornelius asks: Is there a tool out there that allows me to do a “Reverse Keyword Lookup”? I would expect this tool to allow me to and then I would receive a list of keywords that tell me how you guys rank with each of these keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing? Sure – try, SEMOZ, and Google Webmaster Tools

15:30 Getting quick hits through video, and upcoming interview with Jeffrey Bussgang author of Mastering the VC Game. Check out the interview with Simon Sinek – (more content and better sound quality than TED!)

18:30 Paul of Webs9 on Tradeshow giveaways – has had tremendous success with Foozball tables or Pinball machines, and talks about a holistic approach to CPA. Chris talks about using music on the trade show floor.

23:30 Question of the Week – Are you using Google’s Webmaster Tools? How’s it working for you?

24:30 Home Base Update – Thanks to all the sponsors, the race is on this weekend!

25:15 Upcoming Events – Seth Godin in Boston, June 17th. Online Marketing Summit Events coming soon.

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