Real Estate, Analysts, and Unconferences

Today we talk about: Real Estate, The End of AdSense Arbitrage? Hot Wings Project, Spyder for MySpace, Telemarketing Experiment and Unconferences threatening Standard Shows

Plus your standard link bait of stuff mentioned: MarketingSherpa, Forrester, Gartner, The Marketeer’s best friend:

John is at: An undisclosed location for the long weekend

Chris will be at Podcamp Europe

Our theme song is called Mellow G by Fonkmasters from the Podsafe Music Network

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2 thoughts on “Real Estate, Analysts, and Unconferences”

  1. Hi! I had no idea about this podcast until John put it on his feed.

    Anyway, I like to hear from both of you, so this is cool. Great show ya’ll.

    John, when are you going to start podcasting your and Ron Ploof’s Saturday morning talks 🙂

    Jeremy Vaught

  2. Hey Jeremy, good to hear from you (and what are you doing up at this hour?). Ron and I enjoy the freedom of being able to talk off the record, although perhaps we’ll record something as backup in case Mr. Penn ever takes a vacation (I know I’m planning on at least one this summer).

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