Project X, Anti-Marketing, The Dip

Today we talk about: Podshow pre-rolls, Google Universal, Blog Analytics, Jason Calacanis and Project X, Google buying Feedburner, rumored to be looking at, USAirways drops the ball, Anti-Marketing, go buy Virtual Hot Wings – The future of the music industry? Chip Griffin reviews the 4 hour work week, Chris Penn talks about Seth Godin’s The Dip, Shout out to Rob at Podcast 411 and Mike at Manager Tools, Terms that suck: Blogosphere, Podosphere, Blogola. Big winner: Nikon D80 campaign

John is: Gearing up for Orlando

Chris will be at Podcamp Europe

Our theme song is called Mellow G by Fonkmasters from the Podsafe Music Network

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2 thoughts on “Project X, Anti-Marketing, The Dip”

  1. thanks guys – interesting discussion

    one quick point, the suck less zone is primarily about customer satisfaction and product/process improvement

    a basic understanding of user demographics is, of course, important in lending context to that effort


  2. Why in the world would you name a campaign something designed to offend the audiences of several of your premium podcasters, like the Lifespring podcast, which is supposed to be super-family-friendly? Or Managing the Gray, which is positioned for marketing and new media professionals (some of whom are CxOs at various companies)?

    No one debates the need for more marketing data, least of all us, since we’re marketers ourselves. That was never in question. What was in question was a minute long ad across a very diverse network. Some themed shows would regard the campaign name as tame, like Soccergirl’s audience, or the Daily Source Code, but Podshow’s podcaster diversity is much larger than that.

    Here’s Suck Less suggestion #2 besides trim down the 60 second spot – carefully consider that a poorly named campaign can alienate audiences in popular shows like Lifespring.

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