Automated Testing, Russell Wright, and Gigadial

In this Marketing Over Coffee learn :
About Automated A/B Testing, Next Gen Search and Gigadial. All this and more…

Show length 23:25

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00:32 Blue Sky rolling out some automated A/B testing soon

03:00 Podcamp Philly Wrap-Up – Suki Fuller on Competitive Intelligence, and Inbound Marketing Summit Wrap-Up

05:50 Eric from On the Record Online sends in a clip of Russell Wright from ThemeZoom on the future of SEO

12:40 Sign up for this Podcast in iTunes and also add the Gigadial Channel for more Podcasts

13:24 The new iTunes and the Genius Function and the new iPods

15:47 Hot in Video – New Microsoft Ad, and Copywriter Victorious

18:58 Marketing is the Art of Creating Demand for Your Ideas

19:30 We get wrapped up in Geopolitics, and we’re looking for ideas to create awareness of World AIDS Day

Chris is off to Tampa, then the next Profs event. John not travelling

Our theme song is called Mellow G by Fonkmasters from the Podsafe Music Network

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3 thoughts on “Automated Testing, Russell Wright, and Gigadial”

  1. Hi guys,

    My profession is not in marketing (one day I hope it will be) I am a personalized events planner.
    However I was listening to your latest podcast and you invited your listeners to suggest ideas for effectively marketing World AIDS Day, here is my idea:

    Compile pictures of AIDS victims from all over the world, of different color and creed. (people still think it’s an African pandemic), the pictures should show victims in the final stage of the disease. Then add a simple copy such as Please don’t forget us! or put a simple statistics such as AIDS cases then and now and on what continent.
    Send this out virally via email and watch as people pass it on to their friends in shock and disgust!



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