Evil in All of its Guises

In this Marketing Over Coffee learn :

About preventing evil, list rental, and your mental state. All this and more…

Show length 24:01

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00:26 Fear Marketing and Kicking the Bee’s Nest, Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment

05:12 Protection of your own mental state, 5 ways to get on the right path – execute perfectly

09:33 Mike asks about list rentals

11:04 Advanced Mail List Verify

12:26 Daniel Johnson Jr. asks about Pricing Strategies, pricing differential, testing, price elasticity

20:24 Manager Tools will present a FREE, one day Career Crisis Skills Conference. We will conduct the training/seminar at the Marriott East Side in Manhattan from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m on October 18th.

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4 thoughts on “Evil in All of its Guises”

  1. I love the podcast guys, but please, comparing the current state of America to post-World War I Germany is simply nuts.

    Germany’s economy did not go into a downward spiral, it went into the trash. People were burning money because it was cheaper than buying wood. They had to put money into wheel barrows just to buy a bag of potatoes. I’m not American but I don’t think the US has gotten even close to that state yet.

    You also compared one of the current parties to the German National Socialist Party which is again just crazy. Neither the Republican or Democrats or even close to being that far Left or that Totalitarian.

    Again, I love the podcast, but stay realistic.

  2. I have to agree with the above commenter. Weimar Germany experienced hyper-inflation unlike anything we’ve ever seen in this country (for insight on this read Little Man, What Now? by Hans Fallada). Our current situation is in no way similar to Weimar-era Germany (nor are our leaders viewed with anywhere near the contempt that Weimar leaders were).

    Second, it is a gross misconception that Adolf Hitler was democratically elected. Germany had a parliamentary type system at the time and his party was voted to the largest number of seats held by a single party (although it was not a majority of representation in the Reichstag). Hitler was never directly elected (democratically or any other way) by the people of Germany. He was appointed Chancellor, by President Hindenburg in an attempt at apeasement (Hindenburg had defeated him in both rounds of the Presidential elections), of a coalition government made up of the NSDAP (Nazi’s) and the NVDP.

  3. The segment on Protection of your own mental state, Five ways to get on the right path- you said you might post a link. Can you? Btw, great show guys. Keep up the good work. I’m a regular listener (living in Switzerland).

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