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This is an open thread for employers and prospective employees. Looking to hire? Post a comment!

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  1. If you think you are an inbound marketing guru, we’re hiring at HubSpot. We do marketing for a living, and we get tons of resumes. But most of them are crap, so if you’re good, you have a good shot. We’re only looking for 1-2 people (in marketing… in sales we’re hiring 2-3 a month!), and we’re patient, waiting for the PERFECT addition to the team.

    So, save yourself the time and don’t apply unless:
    1) you have a strong presence in social media (What’s your Twitter Grade?)
    2) you run or contribute lots to a blog or blogs
    3) you know a lot about SEO
    4) you are good at math and Excel
    5) you understand the major aspects of b2b marketing
    6) you live near or will move near Cambridge, MA
    7) you have some other special talent that might be useful in marketing – you are an anmazing presenter, you write music, you produce video, you are a graphic artist, you climb mountains, you are a star athlete, etc.

    Here’s the final catch. If we haven’t heard of you at all, we’re probably not interested. We’re pretty active in blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and marketing events, and if you’re good at this stuff, you’ve probably brushed against one of us before. We’re not hard to find… that’s the whole idea of marketing, right?

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