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00:35 Lots of Excuses Episode

01:23 Field editor John Blue on Social Media Buyer – PR/Media Buyer – Social Media Media Buyer?

04:26 Chris gets ranked on mashable as a person to follow on Twitter. Managing the flood, and TweetDeck

The Mashable Effect:

The Mashable Effect

09:16 Marko asks about what the standard open and click through rates are for email campaigns

14:00 For email marketing stats check out the MarketingSherpa Email guide:

15:27 Mandatory plug for photo of John with Anna Kournikova

17:42 More from Marko – he wants his MOC search

18:44 Dave D. – Needs the phone number, mentions Album Art stacked up on Photo Audio Program. Will we be at Podcamp Nashville? We’ll go anyplace if you pay!

Upcoming Event Watch: PRSA in NYC, Blogger Social has Opened Registrations

Question of the Week: What twitter tools are your favorites and why? Jeremiah has a good list

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2 thoughts on “Now with More Excuses!”

  1. I just started listening to the podcast, and I really love the show. I can’t remember if I was supposed to email my Question of the Week answer or comment it, so I’m just going to leave a comment.

    Far and away, my favorite Twitter tool is TweetDeck. Before TweetDeck, I stayed in touch with about 10 people consistently. The groups feature allows me to expand that number to great heights.

    I have also written about the many ways to update Twitter on my blog. Each person has their own preferences and should experiment to find what works for them.

    You can find me @LostInTech!

  2. Response to show question:

    Twitter Grader is one of my favorite tools, for reasons beyond the actual grade (which is also very cool, though I am biased).

    1) If you log in at the top of the page, you can then click on the search tab, and then find people in your industry, and then follow then right there.

    2) You can create a Tweet It button (see the tab at the top of the page) to add to blog posts and other content to encourage other people to promote this content – we have had thousands of people Tweet about our webinars by using this free button.

    Also, remind me and I will email you data I have on actual usage of different Twitter client apps if you want.

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