Parachute Pants Edition

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About Corporate Blogs, Inbound and Outbound Marketing, Feed Monitoring! All this and more…


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Show length 22:57

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00:29 John Blue – Will search engines discount corporate blogs? What’s Compendium got? Check out Chris Baggott’s book: Email by the Numbers

04:16 Answers on Twitter Tools: Kyle is big on Tweetdeck (so say we all), TweetGrid does it without Air

05:38 Mike Volpe writes in on Twitter Grader. Hangs out with MC Hammer, and has some Twitter data.

07:00 Dance showdown – Hammer vs. Vanilla Ice vs. Rick Astley

07:40 Chris on the hype of Inbound Marketing, can you really give up Outbound? Inbound is the most profitable

11:15 Why a PR firm should track their client’s stocks

14:24 William asks for a plug for his video on the Victorian Bushfires and the Facebook Group Chris suggests switching to some Podsafe music

15:25 Good technique for hosting podcasts on YouTube used by Jennifer Jones (turn on Google Insight for YouTube). Try for slideshows.

18:26 Nicole asks about creating an RSS feed of a Twitter keyword search and then tracking it in Google Trends (not analytics)

20:40 Is Podcamp not about Podcasting? Has podcasting matured? Penn vs Chapman in the squared Circle

Upcoming Event Watch: PRSA in NYC, Blogger Social has Opened Registrations, Tim Street reporting from SXSW

Question of the Week: What PR firms are publically traded?

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4 thoughts on “Parachute Pants Edition”

  1. Interesting segment on “the hype of Inbound Marketing, can you really give up Outbound?”. You may want to have your main sponsor (Hubsp0t) listen to this segment, as they definitely play the role of the “sit up replacement machine company” in your example.

  2. Hey Chris & John,

    Thanks heaps for the mention on the podcast, sorry for the lateness of my response, I had a massive backlog of your podcasts to listen too and was amazingly shocked when i heard my name!!

    I’m giving you guys a big plug on my blog and telling all my marketing cronies around Melbourne about how good your stuff is.

    Have a great one!


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