Yet Another Post About John Wall

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About Domain Strategy, Measuring Conversions, and John Wall fighting for his life! All this and more…


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00:42 Everybody votes to go with 1 domain and tries to beat the sandbox

04:54 Case study from Boston Social Media Club meeting

06:00 Being John Wall: Fighting for your own name in Google, Mom Central Case Study at Boston SMC

09:47 MECLABS’ Jeanne Hopkins conversion index: Conversion index C=4m+3v-2(i-f)+2a

C= probability of conversion, Motivation highest weight, clarity of Value, anxiety about entering, Friction of process, Incentive to take action. You may have problem with the math, but the concepts are dead on.

14:07 Applying Chirstopher Alexander’s Principles of Architecture – Function and Form

17:25 Remote Control App – Sailing Clicker

18:35 JL says $150 a month from a good keyword microsite

20:27 Gearing up for the 25th MOC Awards!

21:04 Upcoming Event Watch: Podcamp Boston – Register Now, Podcasters Across Borders, MarketingProfs in June (Discount Code espk7).

22:26 Question of the Week: What factors are important for conversion? Please tell us in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Yet Another Post About John Wall”

  1. Hi John & Chris,

    I like the Conversion index – it’s a great thought experiment – equasions without the hard bit of actually having to do the numbers are more fun.

    My conversion factors:



    D is Desire to buy made up of Awareness+Need/Want+Urgency
    R is Reasons not to buy – Cost+Effort/Inertia

    So all your marketing effort goes into raising D and all your operational effort goes into lowering R to increase the value of C. Equations without maths – it’s the future.



  2. Hi guys,

    Another great show here. Chris, I was interested in your sidenote relating architecture and social media marketing. I was recently thinking about a similar thing:

    It doesn’t exactly relate to your “form following function” hypothesis, but it was interesting to me to see the cross-over between architecture and SMM mentioned somewhere else.

    Thanks for the podcast, guys.


  3. Christopher Alexander has a set of books, all of which have super info!

    These three are a set that were written together.
    * The timeless way of building. easy to get through

    * The Oregon experiment, also easier to get through

    * A pattern language: towns, buildings, construction… Thick thick book. But this is where the really good stuff is. Fortunately it is written, on purpose, to read where you want.

    Karen McGrane recommended these books during a talk at Do It With Drupal as a way to learn about design patterns.

  4. In answer to the question of the week – What factors are important for conversion?

    There are many factors depending on your product and your customer but here are my Top 5 Most Important Factors For Conversion that can be applied to any website or landing page.

    1. Analytics and Testing – The single biggest factor. Without knowing where you are you can never get to where you want to be.
    2. A deep understanding of your specific customers / market
    3. Usability to ensure there are no roadblocks
    4. Designing for momentum using persuasive design both verbally and visually based on cognitive psychology
    5. Establishing trust and credibility at exactly the right point in the conversion process.

    In Full Disclosure: I’m the owner of Creative Thirst, a conversion rate marketing agency that specializes in driving website visitors to take action to increase client conversion rates. I also blog about increasing conversion rates at and host a podcast – Conversion Rate Marketing Blogcast on iTunes.

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