Now with More iPad and Trade Shows

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About The iPad, 3 Trade Show Tactics, OPML! All this and more…

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Show length 22:11

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00:56 Over 500k iPads sold. iPad apps given their own section of the iTunes Store. iPad Scrabble game gets buzz. Steve Garfield says is transcoding for the iPad

05:19 Why are you at the show? The three critical strategies for trade shows. Some extra tips from the smartest man in the world. Go cheap with the booth or go deluxe.

15:11 Niall sends in comments on what we should add to the show. Check out our recommended books. Twitter Power tool for following . The AdAge Power 150 list, the MOC list of important blogs.

20:32 Bobby asks about Froogle Optimization
– Get into the Google Merchant Center

22:27 Tim asks about using an actual address on outgoing email. M Show Productions, 841 Worcester Rd., #315, Natick, MA 01760

24:03 Analyst Watch: Laura Ramos moves on as Forrester rocks social media

24:30 Matt Asks what are your thoughts about making a website completely off of WordPress. I see a lot of it – viability? professional?  Wait for 3.0

25:32 Question of the Week –What have you been doing at Trade Shows that has worked?

25:40 Home Base Update – Shirts coming from Custom Planet, get yours now. Just sponsor John in his fund raising efforts for the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program. Get early access to the new twitter power guide by donating $100 or more. If we raise $5,000 everyone gets the eBook.

26:40 Upocoming Event Watch: Profs Boston in May, The Last M Show, Chris at Social Fresh St. Louis soon. Chris has a webinar coming up in April on Google Analytics.

27:28 The Toll Free Freedom comment line (888) 323-2771. Check them out for your own virtual PBX.

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5 thoughts on “Now with More iPad and Trade Shows”

  1. Thanks for answering my question today guys. As always, enjoyed the show – will wait for wordpress 3.0 to start to look at revamping our website to a more templated style of management (we’re a small firm and IT usually has a 2-4 week turn around) so looking for a content management system that gives us a little more play in quicker time.

    Thanks again,


  2. Last August I was among several who volunteered at a booth at a job expo in town. I remembered that John mentioned having music at the booth would be a nice touch, so I set up my laptop and played some music.

    In March I was chatting with someone else who happened to mention, “I remember you. You were the guy who set up the music at the booth at the Expo, weren’t you?”

    Our booth was the only one with music, and it helped us stand out among the crowd, especially at a job expo!

  3. Love the t-shirt idea for the trade shows. We are launching a new product this year and will be attending trade shows for our first time.

    I would love to hear suggestions from other listeners.


  4. You mentioned Metcalfe’s Law several times in this podcast. If you’ve never heard the story before, you might enjoy hearing Bob Metcalfe tell the story of the creation of Metcalfe’s Law in his own words. You can hear the story about halfway through Phil McKinney’s interview with him during his April 5 Killer Innovations podcast. Here’s a link:

    Very entertaining.

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