Now with More Travel Hacks!

In this Marketing Over Coffee learn :

About Load Time, Facebook Ads and Travel Hacks! All this and more…

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00:50 Site load speed part of Google Rankings – video on how to speed up your load times

03:27 Google TV Ads – a 30 second spot for $30? Facebook ads campaign rolling now.

05:40 Viral Branching Model for Predicting the Spread of Electronic Word of Mouth from Marketing Science

06:41 Bags and Travel Hacks (John – Samsonite and Skooba Satchel 2.0 from, Chris – Osprey Slip Stream) – Hacks from John , SeatGuru, Kayak, Priceline and

20:58 Home Base Update – Shirts coming from Custom Planet, get yours now. Just sponsor John in his fund raising efforts for the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program. Thanks to Chris, Chel, Chicago Mike, David from NC and Brett Bendickson. Donate $250 or more and get a free mug, donate $2,000, be a Q3 sponsor. Mike McAllen writes in on.The Avon Foundation For Women’s Walk to Fight Breast Cancer for Boston May 15-16 and a plug for

22:07 Upcoming Event Watch: Profs Boston in May, Chris reports from Social Fresh St. Louis.

23:55 Question of the Week – Send us your travel hacks

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3 thoughts on “Now with More Travel Hacks!”

  1. Great ep this week! I don’t travel as much as you guys do, but now I feel better equipped. One tip I learned from a Dan Pink podcast was the following: take a small amount of Neosporin or bacitracin on your pinkie or q-tip and coat the inside of each of your nostrils prior to a flight. Sounds gross, but it keeps them moist and fights any potential bacteria in the stale air that might make you sick (common colds, etc.)

  2. Thanks for the Avon Foundation for Women plug. Really great folks and a great cause.

    Travel Hacks—

    Grab a few air sickness bags. They make great holders of cologne bottles or other spilly or smelly things in your suitcase. Just seal them inside. Nothing worse then opening your bag and finding something all over you only pair of chonies.
    Also I heard abut this site recently which has all sorts of great packing help. (hope I didnt hear it on your show :))



  3. Loved this show! Now that I’m popping all over the country for SPJ, I’ve learned some stuff the hard way and after your show I feel better poised for the next round of trips I’ll be doing in the late summer and fall.

    Great idea on the AMEX – I spent $25 for a day pass in airport clubs more than once, have spent $99 to upgrade to first class on a flight full of screaming kids (and yes, first class IS worth it. I got more than $400 of work done while in my cushy seat on that flight), and have learned how to travel with just a laptop bag for overnights.

    One thing I wanted to share was that many hotels – Hilton in particular – now charges guests who ship themselves packages.

    Just got back from NAB/RTDNA in Las Vegas and the Hilton – venue for the conference where I was speaking – charged me $10 per package. Idiocy, but true.

    And you asked for tips, here’s are two that’s been working for me, but your mileage may vary. When booking your seat, try to choose a row that already has someone in it. If there’s a person in the aisle, choose the window. If there’s a person at the window, choose the aisle. In many cases, the middle seat will go unbooked and you’ll have extra room.

    AND, many airlines board in Zones. And some of them have adopted the odd practice of boarding windows, middles and aisles in that order. This process leaves zone 4 (or the aisles) with no place for your luggage as others have filled up the bins. Book your seat on these airlines choosing window seats. Then, when you get to the gate, get the agent to move you to an aisle. Often the boarding zone will remain the same (1 or 2) even though your seat has shifted to the aisle.

    That’s all I’ve got. Keep up the good work.

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