New Donuts and the Big Man

In this Marketing Over Coffee learn :

About SocialSync, iPhone 4, Inbound Links and Influence! All this and more…

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00:33 BlueSky Factory SocialSync Product Launch

03:24 Hardware Watch: iPhone 4, Best Buy Phone Shame, HTC Evo 4 Battery Life

07:21 Danielle with a follow up question on Google Analytics: What has your experience been with reliability of Google Analytics stats?

10:32 Mark from Belfast asks about where to set up a content management system on his domain.

12:23 Best techniques for inbound links, Press Realeases still work

16:05 Campaign Watch New Dunkin’ Donut – Monkey See, Monkey Donut and
Chick-fil-a Spicy Chicken Sandwich

18:30 Influence and Persuasion in seomoz article on Robert Chialdini

19:17 Hive Award Arrives

19:40 Question of the Week – What’s your take on iPhone 4?

20:20 Upcoming Events – Seth Godin in Boston, June 17th. Online Marketing Summit Events Boston July 7, NYC July 9, BlogWorld and New Media Expo Discounted Rates , Big Man XV!

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3 thoughts on “New Donuts and the Big Man”

  1. Hi John and Chris,

    As you’re answered my question in the episode, I’ve featured it on my blog: Get More SEO Juice for the Link Building Squeeze As you can see I did a little bit of transcription.

    I glad I could be a part of the show, first of all as your regular listener.

    Kind regards,


  2. Thanks for covering my question about Google Analytics. Just a bit of follow-up…I’m not a (complete) dolt and did figure out on my own that I should kick the publisher to the curb. It was a fairly inexpensive directory listing, but not worth the money for 13 hits and 0 orders in a 1 year span! Our e-commerce site is hosted by a third-party because we’re a very small company and the server logs they provide are atrocious–weekly text reports via email with only the top referrals. So we use Google Analytics to provide cumulative reporting. Thanks again–keep up the great work!

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