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In this Marketing Over Coffee learn :

About Facebook Messages, Google Local, Eyetracking and Heatmaps! All this and more…

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Blue Sky Factory – Our Email Provider of Choice – Sends 50 Ways to Build your Email List

00:48 We’re back after the Blue Sky Factory User Group and John’s Technology Upgrade. How do you select which tactics to use?

05:09 Prof. Wong’s Clear Line of Site Marketing Metrics

07:30 Facebook Messages – is it open season? Raising the bar with whitelist messaging. Testing the RockMelt browser.

13:54 Cornelius from the Project Management Podcast asks about Google Local

16:38 New York Times adds eBestseller List

18:02 Eyetracking and heatmaps – free option AttentionWizard

20:17 Marketing to the Latino Community? “Latino Link” by Joe Kutchera. Verdino and Chapman in the pipeline.

23:06 Marketing Over Coffee LinkedIn Group is brewing with activity, using slideshare for promotion and lead generation

25:27 Upcoming Events – The 25th Annual MOC Awards!

26:03 Question of the Week – Where are you in your marketing cycle? And, why haven’t you bought the MOC app from iTunes yet? Or The Marketing Over Coffee T-Shirt (and limited edition Beantown Version)

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  1. Great podcast as always! Re: Facebook Messages:

    In the time-honored tradition of worshipping at the feet of the masters (of marketing), MarketingOverCoffee, here’s an IncreaseOnlineProfits.com newsletter/article with an homage to your podcast:

    Facebook Messages and what you need to do right now

    Hopefully MOC readers and listeners will find the Facebook video and “Tips on finding influencers” useful in their marketing efforts.

    Thanks for the inspiration and best success in all your endeavors (marketing and otherwise).

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