Nominations Now Open for the 25th Annual MOC Awards!

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About Black Friday, link building and the Marketing Over Coffee Awards! All this and more…

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00:43 Black Friday looking good, spending up. CyberMonday doesn’t really exist (and is still to come), what do the numbers really say?

04:46 iTunes connect shut down from Dec. 23 to 29 – if you make a price changes your app will be unavailable for purchase

05:16 Annie sends a link on how to build Google Analytics URLs, and still lots of action in the LinkedIn Group – trailing slashes and link building.

10:46 Academic research – why $246,457 is less than $246,000 – houses sell for more with precise pricing (unless the buyer is smart)

12:28 Using OpenX as an ad management system, and ClickBank for selling eBooks

15:22 Contributing editor John Blue points out a Fast Company Article on The Future of Advertising

15:44 Upcoming Events – The 25th Annual MOC Awards! Send in your nominations now via the nomination form. Open for sponsorship too. Nomination open ’til Dec. 15th then voting begins!

19:26 How to autofollow while is down

21:12 Analysis of how Klout scores fall on a scattergram

23:24 The Marketing Over Coffee Android App Now Available! Anyone buying the app gets early access to the holiday episode!

24:08 Question of the WeekWhy haven’t you nominated anyone for a Marketing Over Coffee award? And, why haven’t you bought the MOC app from iTunes yet? Or The Marketing Over Coffee T-Shirt (and limited edition Beantown Version)

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5 thoughts on “Nominations Now Open for the 25th Annual MOC Awards!”

  1. Any links to this study?

    10:46 Academic research – why $246,457 is less than $246,000 – houses sell for more with precise pricing (unless the buyer is smart)

  2. Too funny. I looked at the nominees, and it includes my shamelessly nominated website (it does have 2,000+ Facebook fans) developed on a shoe-string budget against the nationally recognized Alure for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. David vs. Goliath to say the least. In In the spirit of the oh so serious and prestigious 25th year of awards, I think it’s appropriate for the show. Cheers – Ryan O =)

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