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About Facebook Pages, Google Hammers Duplicate Content, iPad 2! All this and more…

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00:47 Chris on Fox News covering Facebook Updates

05:55 Google Cleanup – Dropping the hammer on duplicate content

07:45 Apple Announcements Today – iPad 2, Thunderbolt Specs 5GB/sec, up to 100GB

11:11 From the LinkedIn Group – Tim Street covering SXSW, WordPress Plugins to build a mailing list, LinkedIn PPC ads, Shoemoney’s video on Facebook Ads, Video Cameras – Vixia Sample

20:45 From MBP Penthouse announces its launch of PENTHOUSE 3D

22:44 Upcoming Events 140 NYC in June, Profs B2B

24:26 Question of the Week – Will you go iPad2? And, why haven’t you bought the MOC app from iTunes yet? Or The Marketing Over Coffee T-Shirt (and limited edition Beantown Version)

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  1. Can you publish the list of suggested reading you discussed at the end of the podcast? Links to the recommendations would be great too.

  2. Just listened to this podcast. (thanks!) Re: iFrames in FB tabs, does the application have to be written in PHP? Since it is running in an iFrame, does FB really know or care?

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