Special Interview with Derek Sivers

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A special conversation Derek Sivers. We talk to him about his new book Anything You Want

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Show length 26:28

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01:09 How did you get involved in the Domino Project?

02:08 The 3.3 Million Dollar Mistake

05:40 How to apply Hell Yeah!

08:47 The minimalist approach

11:20 Taking personal responsibility

13:55 Punishing everyone for one person’s mistake

18:39 The TED Experience – The First Follower Presentation, Weird or Just Different

23:09 What’s next? You can check out his site on the book (200 free songs if you buy the book).

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4 thoughts on “Special Interview with Derek Sivers”

  1. I heard this interview yesterday. Thanks, Derek, for sharing your time! I can appreciate your minimalist approach and see how it’s worked for you. When you mentioned the “Hell, yeah!” concept and saying No to everything you don’t feel super-excited about, it got me thinking about all the times I’d said No before but was just doing it out of fear or making an excuse. So I started saying Yes to more things. I guess there’s a balance, and it may depend on where someone is at.

    Like you said in the interview, what works for you might not necessarily work for everyone. Someone else might come on the show and share something completely different that works for them.

    To me, it goes back to something Simon Sinek mentioned called “The Celery Test”. You’ve got to understand why you do what you do, and that will be a filter for the approach you take in business and life.

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