Your Social Network is a Ghost Town

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Learn all about Podcasting, Google Penguin, and Direct Mail!

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00:56 Edison Research on Year 6 of Podcasting

04:28 From the LinkedIn group: Are we going to just skip over mobile?

06:52 Siri saves everything?

09:12 Google Penguin 1.1

11:46 XBox the choice for Video? Now with Amazon Prime.

13:21 Neville asks “Are we truly just digital?” – This week: direct marketing

16:40 John sings the praises of Trello, Chris mentions Mozilla Thimble

19:30 Chrome Box and Chrome Book

20:40 “*add social network here* is a Ghost Town”, How to Work Google +

23:30 Road Wrap up: Blogworld New York – Tim Street – IAWTV Web TV Track at Blogworld NYC with more speakers to be added soon (promo code SChrisP10), ProductCamp Boston June9, Marketing Profs B2B

24:04 Question of the Week: How are you working the social network?

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  1. What was the useful HTML learning tool you guys mentioned? The one where you can view HTML code, and see how it displays at the same time?

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