Math Crimes Against Humanity

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Bad B2B Marketing – A warning to others

7 Most Ignored Laws of Split Testing

Q3 earnings from Twitter and LinkedIn

Amazon Deliveries go Uber with Amazon Flex

Citizen analysts and spurious correlations

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REI Black Friday and the holiday season

I got my Coin! Apple Pay is better.

Laser Razor gets tossed

SEMPO State of the Industry – Pricing is interesting

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2 thoughts on “Math Crimes Against Humanity”

  1. Listening to you segment on marketing fails today, I just had to share this email I got this week as a follow-up from a sales person who had called me out of the blue in the middle of my workday (my emphasis):

    Hi Mr Xxxxx,

    Thank you for your time earlier and for taking the time to discuss .

    I have attached a copy of a report into how **distractions at work have a massive impact on worker’s productivity**, which I hope you will find interesting – it is estimated that 25% of the average worker’s day is wasted on inefficient work.

    I have also attached in impartial report on project management tools, and some further information on specifically.

    ‘s collaborative platform helps ensure that everything gets done, by the right person, at the right time, minimising distractions, increasing efficiencies and saving time:

    – Workers have a clear picture of priorities
    – Managers have clear visibility into workloads, projects and task progress
    – Our customers typically cut their email by 55% and status meetings by 30%

    If you agree, I would love to reach out to you again the next few days, however should you have any questions or queries before then, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Kind regards,

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