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Learn about Marketing Automation, Hubspot Disrupted and Prince!

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Chris’ Marketing Automation Project

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SHIFT Communications Acquired

Google running AdWords Campaigns

The last word on Hubspot and Disrupted

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“Now available on Google Play Music”

The Panama Papers – Do you want to hear more?

Get Scrappy Now Available

360 Video Huge with Nature


Budweiser America

The Rock tells YouTube to Bring It ,Ellen doing some stuff too

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  1. In regards to what you mentioned about Google offering to run adwords campaigns, I heard the same thing from a friend who is in the process of applying to be a “Google Partner”. They are already setting up campaigns, now they will run them as well. Google has done quite a bit of experimenting with these partner relationships lately. For example, my friend received the aforementioned call from his Google partner rep. withing a few days of an email notification that I received from my partner rep. telling me that he could no longer support me directly. In my case I wasn’t spending the $10K/month that they want for partner level. It seems clear to me that they are experimenting on how to bring the best benefits to agencies at the partner level since they are in such a good position to sell adwords.

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