Dundee and Deep Fakes

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The Super Bowl – Tide Clean War Room! 15M in ads, 167k Promoted tweets

There is no Dundee Movie

Lady Doritos

Top Marketing Skills for 2018

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Rand’s 2018 Predictions

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Twitter is profitable

Space X -Car is up!

Uncle Cal sends link via twitter on using password managers to be sleazy

Deep Fakes banned from Reddit

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The AR Hair Dryer – Ready Player One!

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2 thoughts on “Dundee and Deep Fakes”

  1. Guys, love the pod and have been listening for several years. But very disappointed over the Pepsi/Doritos stuff. Any modicum of investigation would have shown that Indra Noori talked about developing snacks that better appealed to women NOT that they were launching lady Doritos. As is usual with the internet, a writer in the UK spun a dramatic tale that everyone picked up and became indignant about, without understanding what she actually said. The original interview was on the Freakonomics podcast (http://freakonomics.com/podcast/glass-cliff/). I am no fan of Pepsi as a business but I think we owe it to our compatriots in the marketing space not to make challenges worse by misreporting on issues. Was it a PR challenge? Yes. Was it something to be discussed on the pod? Yes. Did you guys need to do a bit more work before discussing it? Yes, I think so.

    Thanks for letting me rant!

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