I’m not sure how this slipped under my radar, but Adobe announced yesterday a program for PDF publishers to include Yahoo’s PPC ads in dynamic PDF advertising.

Think about the implications for content producers. All those white papers, all those articles and documents you write? They can be monetized in a PPC format. eBooks. Newspapers. Magazines. Journals. Zine. Article repositories.

Think about the implications for advertisers. If you can target your ads into relevant publications – like AccuRev including ads in software journal magazines’ PDF versions or the Student Loan Network putting student loan ads in high school newspapers’ digital versions… instant win at a hypertargeted level, because people interact differently with PDFs than they do with web pages.

I wonder if the ads will print out when you print the PDF. That will change things a bit, won’t it, if you need to keep an eye towards making print-quality banners and graphics for PDFs.

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