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How to use Google Reader to monitor what’s being said about your brand, and use OPML to monitor the entire web. About Adobe adding Yahoo Ads to PDFs and what it could do for self publishing. Generating marketing data through point of sale with RFID, and the latest developments in Facebook – Beacon, an attempt to jump start “Social Shopping” and Facebook “Pages” for community building.

Show lentgh 22:57

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0:55 Google Reader and the 3 types of marketers

2:10 Plus Google Alerts

3:10 Google Reader Shared Items

3:45 Using OPML

4:58 Google Reader Recommendations

5:45 Google Fusion (now iGoogle)

6:50 Adobe PDFs Supporting Yahoo Ads and self publishing

10:06 Using Point of Sale and RFID to track shoppers

14:15 The trouble with self-checkout

16:00 Facebook Pages and Facebook Beacon

17:25 Social Shopping

19:50 Lunchboxing, 5,000 Facebook friends and Cranky Old Man

21:15 John’s moratorium on events

22:03 Chris at Emerson

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