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What is Marketing Automation? Who’s got the most popular Marketing Blog and how many Google Readers watch it? Learn the difference between 4 methods of measuring website traffic, all in this Marketing Over Coffee

Show length 23:33

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0:35 Implementing Marketing Automation

2:58 Stop answering your phone, use SpinVox for forwarding Voicemail

4:22 Google Reader shows subscriber stats

5:58 Rodgers and other ISPs Hijacking your browser and tracking you

10:10 Economic Downturn in an Election Year

11:15 Alex asks about website conversions

15:15 Web Analytics – Google analytics, mybloglog, Crazyegg. Heatmaps, UI and the Golden Triangle

17:30 Accounting for RSS feed in your stats – Feedburner, Partial vs. Complete RSS Feed. Analytics on the Server is also crucial.

20:12 Red Saber Special – going beyond Analytics as a Service, Feedburner, and Server Side Analytics – writing your own tracking system so you can track sites like MySpace that don’t want to be tracked.
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