In this Marketing Over Coffee learn :

About personal branding and YouTube, Google’s testing of audio and video search, The Holiday Card as Marketing, and using a new media subsidiary to gain exposure for the parent brand, all in this Marketing Over Coffee

Show length 23:56

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This week with Special Guest Star Scott Monty

00:47 Personal Branding and Fighting at the Dunkin Donuts

03:01 More social functions added to Google

05:30 Goog-411 – Testing Voice Search, Video Search

07:25 Is there any Privacy?

09:05 The Holiday Card as Marketing

14:01 Is the another depression on the way? Is a downturn good for new media?

16:45 Build your Golden Rolodex, Piggyback New media

17:40 Jeff Cutler asks about voicemail on podcasts

21:21 Plug for The Nothing Show

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