In this Marketing Over Coffee learn :
Some tips for writing provocative and compelling copy, how to best use online calendaring services and how these services differ, and New Year’s resolutions that are important AND achievable.

Show length 22:52

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00:46 What was the greatest product before sliced bread? Write an iTunes review for Marketing Over Coffee, and Snake Oil.

02:32 Seven Copywriting tips from Michael Port’s, “Book Yourself Solid

04:30 Related tips on Cover Letters and NLP

06:15 Jeff Cutler asks “What if you need to get out of Google or Technorati?”

10:52 Avoid destroying your own brand on MySpace or Facebook

11:37 When to use Online Calendar services such as Upcoming, Google Calendar, and Eventbrite.

14:50 What is Virtualization? Using it to run Windows on a Mac.

17:50 New Year’s Marketing Resolution – Read Mashable, avoid the deadpool, update resume, backup your laptop, connect to us on LinkedIn (Chris’ Profile) (John’s Profile)
John is going into both Company and Sales Kickoffs so he’ll be off the grid next week

Chris is off to College Goal Sunday and will be using Social Media Tools (and Zero budget!) to promote it.

Our theme song is called Mellow G by Fonkmasters from the Podsafe Music Network

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