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Tips for Blog Damage control as part of SEO, how to avoid Banner Armaggeddon, and what’s cool in new hardware this month. All this and more…

Show length 22:02

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00:35 CES, Qik and MacWorld – Video cameras are everywhere

02:29 Boston Media Makers

02:37 AdBlock Plus and the Death of Banners and how to deafeat Death!

05:30 Damage Control for Blog Posts that get gunked up with hatespeak

07:16 Social Network Update: Bubble? Consolidation? What services will survive?

10:00 Demographic profiles of social networks

10:45 Update your copyright dates or use a date function like this:

11:25 Jeff asks about compiling surveys

14:22 John talks about success with Wikipedia

15:30 From MacWorld – The Macbook Air, new iPhone and Touch Features, Skynet(hook) is watching you, Apple TV and HD, add Flickr

John will be off to Santa Clara and Orlando

Chris will be at College Goal Sunday, and schedules are coming together for Podcamps in Boston (this Summer), Philly, NY and Toronto.

Our theme song is called Mellow G by Fonkmasters from the Podsafe Music Network

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