Hat tip to Patrick O’Keefe’s blog.

• The MySpace homepage has a higher 18-34 composition than any other portal
• 25% of Americans are on MySpace
• MySpace is the most trafficked website in the US
• 12% of all online minutes are spent on MySpace
• 13.6% of all internet users in the world are on MySpace
• With 15 languages available, MySpace is the most translated social network
• MySpace is the place where bands and artists hang out online…over 6 million world wide…to connect with fans and share their music
• On average 300,000 new people sign up to MySpace every day

Mitch Joel recently pointed out that 40% of all moms in the US are on MySpace.

MySpace may be the place for ugly layouts, cripplingly-bad design, and trolls, but it’s also where a HUGE chunk of people are.

If you are marketing online and you’re ignoring MySpace, you are missing the largest of the boats. While size isn’t everything, it’s hard to ignore the 800 pound gorilla, particularly if you can convince said gorilla to pound your competition into the ground.

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