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About The New Rules of Marketing and PR, Viral Videos, and The NeoVictorians. Live from Podcamp Boston 3! All this and more…

Show length 41:54

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01:25 Interview with David Meerman Scott

05:35 On public speaking and using the ladder approach

08:30 How perceptions change as you get more skilled

12:16 His new book Tuned In

14:44 Viral Video and using the Movie Producer / Venture Capitalist approach

17:47 Swedish toilet video (CWS)

24:30 Changing the approach at Podcamp

26:10 Discussing the idea of NeoVictorianism (sparked by an earlier session by Mark Bernstein), Industrial Education and Mass Media as an abberation

32:30 Giving away content for free and why it’s a good idea. Tip for musicians on how to get some huge exposure free.

34:22 Question and Answers – Getting Press Release traffic, tracking PDFs

Chris is up at the Affiliate Summit next, John is in Toronto

Our theme song is called Mellow G by Fonkmasters from the Podsafe Music Network


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