In this Marketing Over Coffee learn :
About PDF Newsletters, kickstarting Social Media Campaigns, and What’s Hot in Gear. All this and more…

Show length 23:27

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00:35 John is back from vacation and the Trade Show Wars. When should a show floor be open? Put the food by the vendors.

04:50 Chris tests a PDF Newsletter – Portrait vs. Landscape

07:02 Marketing Over Coffee Videos will now be available from the Gigadial Feed

08:45 How to kickstart a SocialMedia Campaign using Magic, recycling books

13:00 GearWatch – Time for a kindle? Dash GPS for live traffic and emailing directions, Chumby, OLPC as a reader (ghetto Bloomberg), new iPod Nano as DVR, considering the PSP.

18:00 Using the iPod nano to educate your field force

19:14 Sorry, Marketing Over Coffee email and voicemail have been backed up.

21:50 Meetup in concert with the Affiliate Summit at Legal Seafood Test Kitchen this Monday at 7pm, Inbound Marketing Summit Ticket Giveaway

Chris is up at the Affiliate Summit next, John is finally home.

Our theme song is called Mellow G by Fonkmasters from the Podsafe Music Network


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