Check out the screenshots from the first test of Google Chrome:


Stafford loans in Google Chrome

This is a big deal if you’re #1 in Google for your keyword, because if you’re not #1, you’re just not there in the suggested search.

#1 or bust, gang.


Google Chrome Settings

I like the Under the Hood touch.

Bug Reporter:

Report bug

Bug Reporter details:

Chrome Bug Reporter

Wonder if you can get a competitor knocked out of the Chrome OmniBox with enough bug reports?

Hardcore stats:

Chrome Stats

Note the little message that says if other browser are running, their stats will be shown. Google is clearly gunning for other browsers.

URL bar:

URL highlight

Note that the domain name itself appears darker than the rest of the URL. I suppose this is to help reduce phishing, but boy does it highlight the importance of a good domain name for branding, too.

View Source:

View Source

Google made a nice, colorful source code viewer that should help out developers and anyone else who wants to see the elements of a site.

Privacy Mode:

Porn mode

aka Porn mode. Note the browser itself changes color and gives you an icon to indicate you’ve gone stealth.

What’s your take on Google Chrome?

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