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About trade show strategy, subscription marketing, and GI Joe’s enemy Cobra. All this and more…

Show length 34:05

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00:38 Selecting Trade Shows, budgeting for them, strategies for success

03:58 Special Guest Matthew Ebel is changing the face of the music industry and talks about his subscription service

08:00 World of Warcraft as a model, Power Law of affiliate marketing

17:52 Downloading live shows makes the music industry go green, Press Release

21:40 List Rental and return, the Pioneer’s Dilemma

23:46 GI Joe’s enemy Cobra as Masters of Marketing

28:46 What is Co-Reg?

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Chris appearing soon with Gary Vaynerchuk, John has completed the wedding tour.

Our theme song is called Mellow G by Fonkmasters from the Podsafe Music Network

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