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About Politics, FUD, and Taking Advantage of a Down Economy. All this and more…

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00:49 DLJ asks about Marketing and Politics, How do you look behind the curtain? Check,, Using facebook for delivery

06:35 What does a down economy mean for marketing plans? Can you take advantage of a down cycle? Outrun the bear. Fear in Temporary, Greed is Permanent

13:40 What is FUD, and should you use it? The USA – FUD since World War II

19:05 Positive feedback about visit from Matthew Ebel (changing the face of the music industry) from Robin Browne and others. Pricing strategies.

21:05 Help work on a press release for Matthew’s Subscription Music Service

22:00 Get a Free ticket to The Online Video for Organizational Communicators 2008 Conference on November 11, 2008 in LA (regularly $550) give us some links, best link (or video) gets the ticket.Click here to submit your entry.

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