The folks over at Joffrey’s Coffee sent us Coffee 2.0, their service patch for Coffee 1.0.

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In the spirit of blogola, marketing coffee, and the recession, we thought we’d point out how to make a cup of good coffee on the cheap.

You’ll need boiling water and a French press. And coffee.

Step 1. Boil water.

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Step 2. While water is boiling, put coffee into carafe. Add a pinch of salt.

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Step 3. When water reaches a boil, remove heat and count to 5. Then pour water on coffee.

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Step 4. Press plunger so that grinds are just below the water’s surface.

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Step 5. After 3 – 5 minutes, pour coffee. You’ll want to pour ALL the coffee; if you let it sit, it’s going to get wicked bitter on you.

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Making coffee this way makes a terrific cup, AND it’s a whole lot cheaper than any of the coffee chains. Great coffee, low cost, perfect for a recession.

How did Joffrey’s service patch do? It’s definitely an improvement on 1.0, for those who remember it. 1.0 was too cloying.

2.0 is brighter, with a hint of bitterness to it that’s not bad, but if you love smooth, quiet coffees, this isn’t it. I’d guess this coffee’s origin is somewhere tropical and Caribbean, as opposed to African or Indonesian. I brewed it strong, and it was pretty good. I think it needs a little more heartiness to it – if, in their blend, they threw in a small amount of Sumatra Mandheling to round out the brightness, this coffee would kick some serious beans.

A suggestion to Joffrey’s – please consider putting the components of your grind on your web site. For those of us who are hardcore coffee aficionados, we’d love to know what’s in the bag.

Incidentally, if you’re wondering, always add a tiny pinch of salt to every pot of coffee. The presence of even a minute amount of salt activates an entirely different set of taste buds on your tongue, so you experience the coffee a little more fully.

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