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About Google Friend Connect, Black Friday Results, Drip Campaign Surveys. All this and more…


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00:45 Search for Q1 Sponsors

01:00 Google Friend Connect is it YASN?

06:00 Non-disclosure scares away John from Mahalo Beta program, but he still bets on them, and a shout out from the Podcast Sisters

07:54 Black Friday down? Down eight percent from 2007, which is the first decline ever, sales of laptops up 19% , 30-inch and larger LCD TVs went up 18%

09:30 Print your own Christmas Cards, but don’t buy a printer to do it.

11: 44 John Blue Asks about Surveying Software – We give him the Monkey, but Google Docs works for basic stuff. For webinars, get a big boost in results with integration to GoToWebinar, and ties right into lead scoring.

17:07 Chris from Amateur Traveller commented about using design contests.Check out some past results. Other tips on design (Happy Holidays to Nico!)

18:56 Last chance to nominate for the 23rd Annual Marketing Over Coffee Awards. No further nominations after noon Tuesday.

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