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About Recession Sales Strategies, New Magazine Business Models, and the 23rd Annual Marketing Over Coffee Award Winners! All this and more…


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01:28 John Blue Passes us a whitepaper on Recession Sales Strategies from The Customer Collective

05:02 The death of Trade Rags? The new magazine model.

07:30 Scott Monty wins the Seth Godin Contest from the BeanCast, check out the case study from Ron Amok and using Google Reader to gather stats on Twitter, Google turns the dial

10:10 Robin Heppell asks about Internet “SPY” tools – what do you use to for competitor espionage? Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals

14:30 It’s here. The…

23rd Annual Marketing Over Coffee Award Winners!!!

  1. Best Marketing Book of 2008 – Michael Port – Beyond Booked Solid
  2. VMWare on Integrating Twitter into their Marketing Mix
  3. CVS Pharmacy for sponsorship of ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover
  4. Caminito Argentinean Steakhouse and BlogCase Study “ditched about 80% of our previous print marketing”
  5. Eric Schwartzman for On the Record, the Best PR Podcast and best online newsroom service (he also nominated himself for best overnight breast support, by far our most bizarre category, which did not make the cut for an award this year, but in case you were wondering who would have won for best overnight breast support you can follow that link, but Eric said he’d still like some Google Juice for 2nd best overnight breast support, so here you go.

21:00 Webinars vs. Live Events

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