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About Kindle 2, Blog Hosting, and Hijacking Awareness! All this and more…


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00:51 Chris makes it on CNBC and gets to plug his prime domain names

02:21 Kindle 2: Amazon executives have said the number of e-books purchased by Kindle users is 2.7 times the number of physical books they purchased before buying the e-reader.

05:21 CDTest – Fail.

06:03 Jeremy asks about trading links with “Free Stuff” sites, is the risk worth the traffic?

08:55 John asked about the interview with James
Connor and the 256% claim of growth with pushing marketing during a recession. Update – I had a link to his latest cast here but it pushed the program out of the feed so I will re-post this on the weekend.

10:29 Mike McAllen asks: What is an anchor text? And, how to combine the Google Juice of the corporate blog and the corporate website? SimplePie plugin is referenced.

15:08 Sallie Goetsch forwards from the Ur-guru some marketing tactics on hijacking the news and other marketing stunts. Sign up for Peter Shankman’s HARO.

20:27 Unsolicited marketing advice for Tips from the Top Floor (Note that we are as guilty as everyone else when it comes to marketing our own stuff)

22:50 Upcoming show will cover affiliate marketing

Upcoming Event Watch: PRSA in NYC, Chris at PAB, MarketingProfs in June

Question of the Week: What’s your best Marketing Stunt?

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