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00:35 Lots of Excuses Episode

01:23 Field editor John Blue on Social Media Buyer – PR/Media Buyer – Social Media Media Buyer?

04:26 Chris gets ranked on mashable as a person to follow on Twitter. Managing the flood, and TweetDeck

The Mashable Effect:

The Mashable Effect

09:16 Marko asks about what the standard open and click through rates are for email campaigns

14:00 For email marketing stats check out the MarketingSherpa Email guide:

15:27 Mandatory plug for photo of John with Anna Kournikova

17:42 More from Marko – he wants his MOC search

18:44 Dave D. – Needs the phone number, mentions Album Art stacked up on Photo Audio Program. Will we be at Podcamp Nashville? We’ll go anyplace if you pay!

Upcoming Event Watch: PRSA in NYC, Blogger Social has Opened Registrations

Question of the Week: What twitter tools are your favorites and why? Jeremiah has a good list

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