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Show length 27:42

00:30 Special Cross-Over Episode with special guest Eric Schwartzman, PR Expert, Host of The award winning "On the Record…Online", from iPressroom, and Schwartzman PR

02:00 We will be at The Digital Impact Conference in New York City, talking about things like the adoption rates of Social Media, and explaining it to the boardroom

03:06 Skills PR pros need in the new economy

04:30 PR needs to transition to participating, and will get more complex as online communities fragment

07:30 The economic model behind bad pitches,

10:00 Leveraging technology to extend reach for Toyota

14:25 Tom Smith coming in from the UK asking "How Did We Come to Trust Strangers" [PDF]

16:22 Will things like product reviews merge into the PR workload? How do PR pros argue these new concepts in the boardroom?

19:57 Link to Disney Podcast Interview – In the next 5 years consumers will be able to filter the brands they don’t want to hear from.

21:20 Lee Odden, Steve Rubel, Brian Solis. Where do you start as a PR pro?

25:36 Feel free to send us your questions for the live session!

ALSO! Check out Eric’s more detailed shownotes on the cross posting: On the Record…Online Podcast

Click for more information on the PRSA Digital Impact Conference.

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