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About the fall of email, Facebook, and Google Profiling! All this and more…


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00:34 Social Networking Pulls ahead of email – maybe.

02:37 Forrester Says Social Media Playtime Over. Nice post by B.L. Ochman CMO/Agency Conversation

04:29 TweetDeck adds Facebook and a bunch of new stuff

07:25 Ben Mezrich’s next book is about Facebook, we’ll try and get him on as a guest, but you missed the free Kindle version of World Wide Rave, we talk graphics on the Kindle

09:15 More on Webinars, tips and the circle of content

15:50 A new way to do seeds – track your email blasts and email sources by modifying your gmail address. Unlimited testing accounts!

18:10 Don’t mess with our Dora controversy – change is not appreciated, margins in the toy and soft drink industries

20:33 Google Profiling – got it from AdSense and, more analysis of reader behavior, Question of the week: We’ll ask again about survey tools.

22:26 Paul Dunay – the 3 tiers of metrics that I track , and how I beat up on Yahoo Pipes. Chris prescribes: SimplePie, Magpie

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