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00:33 We’ll have more on the HubSpot blog post optimizer

01:04 John Blue on the swipe file (aka morgue)

We are not Moleskine users, Chris likes Evernote, and uses Skitch for screenshots. John uses Mindjet.

04:30 Innovation techniques – Chris mentions conferences – obligatory link to TED

06:27 Tim Street reporting from SXSW, brings in the big names: Guy Kawasaki, Rebecca Corliss, Chris Brogan, Brian Solis, Greg Cangialosi, Daniel Neely, Jeff Pulver

14:40 Jim Neville on online survey tools – WebMine is fully customized functional online survey tool, he’s offering a 30 day trial for MoC listeners, comment for more info.

15:12 Eric Schwartzman asks about hosting, MediaTemple works for us, John has used WestHost. Use supercache on your blog to save money and get yourself digg resistant.

17:22 Mike McAllen asks about Google Keyword tools – Take a free ride on popular terms, get the terms related to the ones you are already winning on, pay attention to time frames. SEO Tips – Use a 5 most recent plugin for your blog, have hooks to the new content.

22:09 Adam asks about the Gmail Seed technique – Chris enlightens John on inbound message processing with Gmail.

24:40 Amazon dumps search arbitrage

26:42 Tim from Melbourne, Australia writes in on a free QR code generation service called Kaywa – You can embed URL, text, phone number or SMS instructions.

27:18 Upcoming Event Watch: We have a free ticket for the for the Inbound Marketing Summit, April 28 and 29 if you promise to report back. Learn from Chris Brogan, David Meerman Scott, Paul Gillin. Also coming up: PRSA in NYC, Podcasters Across Borders, MarketingProfs in June, NEDMA.

30:35 Question of the Week: What keyword tools do you use for your keyword searches?

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