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About The Webbys, Billboards, and Optimizing Forms! All this and more…


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00:30 We didn’t win a Webby, but Hubspot did.

01:10 The death of independant podcasting

02:33 John Blue heads South of the Border, and reports back on the billboards, John regrets that the fireworks aren’t what they used to be. Digital billboards and billboard strategy.

08:35 Andrew asks about books that give a history of marketing that include such anecdotes? Wedgewood and the history of Marketing, Chris throws out The History of Coffee, and vintage ads on Flickr

12:14 Gratuitous link to Chris Brogan – “Newspapers are Blogs”

12:46 Using Google’s Website Optimizer for conversions, leading with a bold question.

16:06 Audio comment from Nick Calder

18:02 Georgia Southern Checks out Marketing Over Coffee, Jessica rates us as fast talking Yankees. Eryn and Erika B. check in too. We say make sure you have a strategy, and follow Dale Carnegie and Peter Drucker

21:51 Upcoming Event Watch: We have a free ticket for the for the Inbound Marketing Summit, April 28 and 29 if you promise to report back. Learn from Chris Brogan, David Meerman Scott, Paul Gillin (Dallas and Boston coming up too). Also coming up: PRSA in NYC, Podcasters Across Borders, MarketingProfs in June, NEDMA.

22:23 Boston as social media hub of the web? Luminaries vs. Business People

24:51 Question of the Week: What are you doing in website optimization?

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