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About Facebook Land Grab, Bad Pitches, Badgers! All this and more…


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Show length 26:31

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00:35 Bing 2% of Search, the new video search is cool

02:40 Get your Facebook name if it’s not already gone, Facebook v. Twitter

07:38 Sync Social networks ebook now available in Spanish! Thanks to Ricardo from AmigoAudio!

09:34 John Cass calls bad pitch by Veynerchuck

14:20 Should you go for the A-Listers or the B’s? Who really makes a difference?

15:50 140 Characters Conference – Measuring speaker performance by watching the backchannel

18:26 JnJ does new media,talk about blogging comment tools

21:03 Chris calls out the Iranian Twitter Badgers – and John knows the real reason why he hates them.

23:55 Question of the Week: What do you think avatar swap does for the world?

24:10 Upcoming Event Watch: BlogWorld / New Media Expo, Podcamp Boston – Register Now, Podcasters Across Borders, Inbound Marketing Summit

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