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00:47 More events in June than ever before. Chris At Radian6 event, John at What’s Next.

01:47 John Blue sends Financial Times article on Facebook, privacy, and the EU
privacy regulators: , Chris Brogan and Chris Baggot participating in Blog Indiana Aug 13/14 Chris endorses Sechler’s Pickles and tries to close the Marketing / IT divide.

06:04 The new trinity – CRM, Sales Process and Content

09:34 Def Leppard and Facebook URLs for Pages

12:20 Supreme court refuses to hear case opening up possibility of Network DVR

13:20 Twitter from the command line ttytter, and Buzzom to keep your contact list clean

16:44 Lowell Humane Society is looking for some web design help, Terri from Tokyo emails in and we are now 1 degree of separation from The Time (maybe)!

17:30 Press releases on post-it notes, Microsoft to Offload Razorfish

19:14 Paul tells 7 ways Facebook will Change Your Life

20:47 Upcoming Event Watch: BlogWorld / New Media Expo, Podcamp Boston – Register Now, Chris speaking at Inbound Marketing Summit, WebInno July

21:04 Question of the Week: Anybody crushing it with Facebook Fan pages?

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